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October 16, 2018
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Travelling Around Australia – Fly or Drive?

picture of an aeroplane's left wing in the sky

Australia is a popular tourist destination for people around the world. In 2018 9.2 million tourists visited Australia – and for good reason. Australia is a large country with many fascinating sights and scenes. From Ayr’s Rock to the Great Ocean Road to the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, many of Australia’s attractions are iconic around the world.

The diversity of tourists arriving in Australia each year means that there has to be infrastructure in place to accommodate their travel plans. Cash-rich but time-poor travelers will often find themselves jetting from city to city, sight to sight. Whereas those who have a little bit more time on their hands can choose to self-drive all throughout Australia.

For those who prefer flying, there are a range of options from national to regional carriers. Some are no-frills and budget-friendly while others include a range of luxuries for an added premium. It can be hard to find the flight that fits into your itinerary perfectly. If you are having trouble searching for flights that fit your plan, try Webjet, Webjet enables customers to compare, combine and book the best travel flight deals in Australia. Compare the details for flights from all the airlines for your preferred travel time from price, departure time, arrival time and number of stopovers.

VroomVroomVroom is like Webjet but for car/campervan hire

For those who want to enjoy a more laid-back trip, take the scenic route or wander off the beaten track there is no better destination than Australia. Australia’s roads provide for an idyllic drive through different landscapes; drive along the coast and enjoy the ocean views with waves crashing onto the beach or drive through the red soils of outback for a true Australian experience. VroomVroomVroom is an excellent site that will allow you to compare the different options for car and/or campervan rental.

Australia is a big, beautiful country with many sights and sounds for tourists to experience and the best thing about it is you can choose to do it your own way. Fly or drive, it’s up to you!