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May 29, 2019
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Day of the Seafarer

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June 25, 2019 is the Day of the Seafarer, an annual and international event day coordinated by the International Maritime Organisation. Day of the Seafarer was established in 2010 when the United Nations (UN) General Assembly passed a resolution during a UN conference in Manilla, Philippines, to officially recognise the date as an international observance for Day of the Seafarer. The day recognises the important role of seafarers in the global community, and the UN recognises the Day of the Seafarer as an observance day.

The main objectives for recognising Day of the Seafarer are: to make the general public aware of the vital services provided by the seafaring community to international seaborne trade and in turn the world economy; to thank the seafaring community for their unique contribution and show that we acknowledge their sacrifices and the difficulties they face; and to promote the existence of better, safer and more secure world where the seafarers could operate.

The day encourages everyone to have a conversation about seafarers and seafaring. There are about 1.5 million seafarers responsible for transporting 90% of all household goods. They endure tough conditions, often spending many months away from family and friends while at sea or visiting foreign ports. The day recognises the unique contribution made by seafarers from all over the world to the international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society as a whole, and aims to see events run in ports and seafarer centres, as well as online.

The theme for this year will focus on the importance and value of women within the professional ranks. It provides an opportunity to highlight opportunities for women a wide range of maritime careers and professions, but the focus will be very firmly on one aspect of that community – seafarers.

This year’s campaign will be centred on social media, using the hashtag #IAmOnBoard. All campaign supporters are encouraged to take selfies or other photographs displaying the hashtag and to post them on social media with the hashtag. If you happen to join us (or any other marine tour operator) for a trip on June 25, do go up to the skipper and thank him for doing an amazing job!